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January 2012

Hydrogen Sensors Activities
William J. Buttner, Ph.D, NREL

In June of 2011, NREL and DOE hosted a one-day workshop on hydrogen sensors to identify and review sensor applications and required metrics and performance specifications for each application.

The goals of the workshop were to identify critical applications for the emerging hydrogen infrastructure that require or would benefit from hydrogen sensors, to assign performance specifications for sensors deployed in each application, and to identify shortcomings or deficiencies (i.e., technical gaps) in the ability of current sensor technology to meet the assigned performance requirements.

The workshop participants represented a cross section of stakeholders in the hydrogen community, including sensor developers, end users, site safety officials, and code and standards developers. This draft report is being distributed to all workshop participants and others who have been identified as having a vested interest in hydrogen sensor technology.

A report that presents the summary and findings from the Workshop is now in the process of being published as an official NREL report.

The workshop provided an excellent venue to bring representative stakeholders together to review sensor requirements for existing and emerging markets and to identify (perceived and real) shortcomings of existing technologies. Following the Workshop, FCHEA held a several teleconference meetings pertaining to hydrogen sensors. To continue this critical interaction initiated by the Workshop, the NREL Sensor Laboratory (http://www.nrel.gov/hydrogen/facilities_hsl.html) will be hosting a quarterly teleconference via WEBINAR format to cover critical issues pertaining to hydrogen sensors. The WEBINARS are tentatively scheduled to be held quarterly on 1st the Thursday of the month (February 2, May 3, August 2, and November 1 at 9:00 Mountain Time [11:00 Eastern, 8:00 AM Pacific]; The WEBINAR is pertinent to all stakeholders, including sensor developers, end-users, site safety personnel, and code developers.

For more information or to indicate interest in the Hydrogen Sensor Webinars and to be on the distribution list for activity, contact William Buttner (William.buttner@nrel.gov).