CSA Seeks Technical Experts
Julie Cairns, CSA America

CSA is seeking technical experts to work on the development of hydrogen standards.

Technical Advisory Groups will meet to address technical issues and draft proposed standards text for industry review and comment and ultimately for approval as American National Standards. 

CSA America will lead development of the following new safety based and performance industry-consensus documents. 

 Document Title:

CSA America HPIT 1Compressed Hydrogen Powered Industrial Truck On-board Fuel Storage and Handling Components 

CSA America HPIT 2Compressed Hydrogen Station and Components for Fueling Powered Industrial Trucks

CSA America CHMC 1Test Method for Evaluating Material Compatibility for Compressed Hydrogen Applications


ISO/TC 197 Update
Karen Hall, National Hydrogen Association
ISO/TC 197 is developing International Standards and Technical Reports covering a range of hydrogen energy technologies. The following draft documents are available for review. If you have an interest in reviewing one or more of these, please let me know in advance of the cut-off date shown. 

  • ISO/DIS 22734-2: Hydrogen generators using water electrolysis process — Part 2: Residential applications has been circulated as a Draft International Standard (DIS). Comments from P-member countries are due to ISO/TC 197 on April 5. Comments are requested to me as soon as possible for preparation of a consensus position.
  • A revised draft ISO 17268 Gaseous hydrogen land vehicle refuelling connection devices – has been circulated for comment. This second edition cancels and replaces the first edition, which has been technically revised. Comments requested to me by April 30.

In addition, there are two documents available for systematic review. This means we are trying to evaluate whether the published document should be reaffirmed, undergo revision, or be withdrawn. If you have a view on this, please let me know.

  • ISO 13985:2006 Liquid hydrogen – Land vehicle fuel tanks has been circulated for systematic review. Comments are requested to me as soon as possible for preparation of a consensus position.
  • ISO 16110-1:2007 Hydrogen generators using fuel processing technologies – Part 1: Safety is out for systematic review. Comments are requested by May 15 for preparation of a consensus position.

And finally, there are two activity updates:

  • New work item proposal (NWIP) Gaseous Hydrogen — Cylinders and tubes for stationary storage has been approved. This new work (ISO WI 15399) is allocated to a new ISO/TC 197 working group: ISO/TC 197 WG 15 under the convenership of Mr. Frederic Barth of France.
  • Comments received on the committee draft ISO/CD 20100Gaseous hydrogen — Fuelling stations have been circulated. Nineteen pages of comments were received from the P-members of ISO/TC 197 and ISO/TC 22/SC 25. These comments were forwarded to ISO/TC 197 WG 11 for its consideration in preparation of the Draft International Standard (DIS). WG11 will be meeting in Paris on February 24 and 25, 2010.

Upcoming Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Safety, Codes and Standards Events
Geoffrey Bromaghim, National Hydrogen Association


There are a number of upcoming significant dates relevant to the ongoing development of hydrogen and fuel cell codes and standards.  A list of many of these significant meetings and dates is provided below:

  • NFPA 2 – Comment Closing Date: March 5, 2010.

NFPA 2, the Hydrogen Technologies Code, became publicly available on December 8, 2009. Interested parties can review the draft document and the committee actions on proposals received on the NFPA website. You can also download comment forms from this website and submit online comments related to the committee actions on the proposals received. The public comment closing date is March 5, 2010.

  • NFPA 2 – Report On Comments (ROC) Meeting: April 19-23, 2010 at NREL in Golden, CO. 
  • NHA Conference: May 3-6 in Long Beach, CA.

Plans are well underway for the NHA’s 2010 Hydrogen Conference and Expo, and a variety of hydrogen safety, codes and standards activities are currently planned in conjunction with the event.  Click here for more information.

  • ICC Final Action Hearings: May 14-23, 2010 in Dallas, TX.

Included in these Final Action Hearings is the International Fire Code, which contains a number of hydrogen-related code change proposals that were recommended for approval by the International Fire Code Committee during the Public Hearings held in October 2009.  Click here for more information.

  • NFPA 2 – ROC Posting Date: August 27, 2010